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Here you can find all the vendor resources to help streamline your project. Please check this section regularly as we are always updating it to keep the newest most relevant information available to our vendors  

Insurance Requirements  |   Document Downloads   |   Document Uploads

Vendor Document upload

Insurance requirements

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Please Submit Insurance Certificates That Comply With The Standards Attached In This Document.  Email Documents to Until all paperwork and proper documents are received no payments will be issued by Massie Construction Co. 


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FielD OFfices

Main Office          |     (800) 961-5198   |   Corporate Offices

California             |     (760) 625-0126   |   California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon

Chicago               |     (312) 487-2223   |   Illinois, Michigan, Ohio,  

New York              |    (917) 410-5499    |   New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts

Pennsylvania         |   (267) 287-1172     |   Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware 

Washington D.C.   |   (202) 545-7677     |   Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia  

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