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On Demand Decontamination Services

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Covid 19

In today's uncertain times disinfection and health protection is paramount to any business existing. Keeping employees and clients safe and healthy is the only way to stay operating during and after this pandemic. Our team is specifically trained to decontaminate your business facilities. We use a EPA approved chemical sprayed with our high efficiency sprayers to clear contaminates from your common areas, warehouses, checkout counters and any other possible area that may be harboring these contaminates. Our process is quick and efficient once we complete treating the desired area you can be back up an operational within 15 minutes of our completion. The product we use is non toxic and is very effective in destroying Covid-19 and other contaminates. We are available 24/7 to service any clients that need routine or one time service. Our simple pricing structure is shown below, and to get started is very simple. With so many difficulties we all are going through today we have worked to streamline this service to try and make it as simple and effective as possible for our clients.          

Pricing Structure 

100 - 800 Sqft. 

$ 0.30 per Sqft.


Average Completion Time 

45 Minutes


801 - 2000 Sqft. 

$ 0.28 per Sqft.


Average Completion Time 

90 Minutes


2001 - 5,000+ Sqft. 

$ 0.25 per Sqft.


Average Completion Time 

2 - 4 Hours


If you have any questions or multiple locations to service call us email us for a personalized quote 

Call US Today At (800) 705-9522

Email Us At orders@MassieConstructionCo.Com

Product Information Downloads

The chemical we spray is HDQ Neutral it is commonly used in Hospitals and other medical centers to disinfect from many viruses and contaminates including COVID-19. Below are downloads for more information about this product.

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